Why Select BizTek?

As part of BizTek's advisory services to clients, we suggest they select agencies based on the working experience of the recruiters in the skills they recruit into. Why?... Because a lack of understanding of roles and skills, and then an inability to qualify and interview candidates for submission is the biggest cost element in the recruitment process. Within the vast amount of clients that approach BizTek, we identify that this 1st round of the selection and interview process is actually being performed by the client themselves. It is not rocket science to work out why. If the recruiter has no IT experience, then the recruiter is incapable of anything other than a vague search on buzzwords and a telephone chat to seek permission to submit an IT candidate to the client for review. As hiring managers ourselves we sought to lower agency fees because they were only performing the ‘search' process, but not the ‘selection'. As clients we had to fund an additional selection (1st round) process.

Only as client hiring managers did we, prior to forming BizTek, decide this had to change. Now working as recruiters we perform this selection process and 1st round of interviews and truly deliver the level of selection that the client is paying for.

As hiring managers we just had had enough! Had enough of unskilled recruiters. Had enough of listening to the claims that they were somehow genuinely different. If this were true, recruiters would not fish in the same candidate pool, move around from agency to agency every year, earn the industry a cowboy label and of course we would not have needed the Employment Agencies Act 2003 to legislate their behaviour.

How is BizTek genuinely different?

We genuinely are unique and different because of one simple fact.

As IT, business and technology workers, we understand roles at levels akin to the client hiring managers and as such we perform the selection process that our clients expect and pay us for. We use our industry experience to provide a shortlist of interviewed and highly relevant candidates ready for client face-to-face interview. We are doing what our client actually expects as part of the fee they pay and of course this has the benefit of removing a whole layer of the interview process from our client, saving huge time and cost.

Client example: BizTek was engaged by a credit checking company in Marlow to address recruitment ratios of 200 CVs submitted per 1 hire. Apart from the vast amount of CV reading required, some 22 1st round telephone interviews were conducted, at 30-60 minutes each, to produce a 2nd round face-to-face of 4 candidates. BizTek replaced the PSL, and submitted just 4 candidates. The process began at 2nd round and 1 hire was made. The actual cost of hire was deemed to have been reduced by several thousands of pounds and a tangible increase in management effectiveness was noted due to about a one week saving in man hours.

Although BizTek offers generic IT recruitment solutions at its core, we have developed individual specialisations within this. Details are included in this website.

Further, clients should note our innovative resourcing solutions akin to consultancy to supply candidates with previous project or client experience. Hence providing guaranteed delivery and instant project ROI.

Finally our senior managers have worked at the forefront of recruitment for 21 years and offer unrivalled experience of recruitment GLC (governance, legal and compliance). We also have former OISC accredited immigration advisors to assist in the formulisation of strategy.


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BizTek operates a market leading model for recruiters. This page is dedicated to providing information for recruiters interested in joining our team.

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