Legal IT

This is a fast growing specialisation within our overall IT recruitment division.

BizTek is becoming the business name in the supply to legal software vendors, law firms and corporate legal departments in the UK, France, Germany, USA and most recently into Japan.

Our vendor clients include those in both the corporate and law firm software solution sectors. Solutions include practise and content management, workflow, billing and spend management for corporate legal departments and law firms, as well as Legal IP (Intellectual Property) practise and case management solutions.

Although many technical IT roles do not require sector expertise, there is a need for legal solutions experience within business specific roles such as business analysts and project managers, although we are now seeing support and training roles with a need for good business functional support knowledge.

Our roles are all for web based solutions and include Java / .Net developers, content specialists, infrastructure, support, business analysts and project managers, technical sales managers, implementation consultants and managers etc.

Although predominately permanent requirements, we are seeing a growing demand for legal software consultants across many of the disciplines already outlined.

BizTek invites all legal software professionals to register their details with us, if interested in new opportunities, as we are seeing this as a big growth area over the next 5 years. We are particularly interested in people wishing to work in all locations as above and/or those happy to travel as part of their roles.


Information regarding BizTek client services, USPs, benefits, skills sectors and general client related information. 



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