Information Technology (IT) Recruitment

As documented in this website, BizTek's main USP is that it was founded by IT professionals disillusioned when being represented by agencies and then as hiring managers recruiting through them.

BizTek recruiters have working experience from as long ago as COBOL programming, through the majority of the roles relevant to the development life cycle. We have direct experience of RAD, C/S expertise, web development using a multitude of technical infrastructure platforms and architectural solutions. We have formally trained business analysts and project managers within our business.

Since the web, candidate availability is no longer a criteria for agency selection. However the "selection" element of the recruitment process is now key. BizTek recruiters are of the very rare breed capable of empathising with the hiring managers, qualifying roles at levels that enable BizTek to perform the 1st round of selection interviews to draw up the shortlist for face-to-face. No longer do clients have to sift through piles of CVs to then conduct telephone interviews of 10 people to shortlist 4 for face-to-face interview. BizTek is positioned to perform this selection and first round interview process at our cost, not the clients.

Given BizTek's in-house expertise across the whole IT spectrum, client's further engage our teams (often through consultancy delivery frameworks) to build ‘associate' programs or specialist technical talent to develop project based resourcing solutions. This further reduces recruitment costs and provides flexible solutions offering guaranteed delivery of resource providing instant ROI.

We are continually developing specialisations within IT. The main ones are documented within this website.

BizTek's credentials include exclusive IT delivery agreements with global IT organisations, as well as small start-ups. We supply internal development departments as well as software integrators and vendors.

We are IT people performing IT recruitment.


Information regarding BizTek client services, USPs, benefits, skills sectors and general client related information. 



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CANDIDATES Information relating to our candidate services, including our areas of specialisation and value add information e.g. immigration advice.  
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BizTek operates a market leading model for recruiters. This page is dedicated to providing information for recruiters interested in joining our team.

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