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It is a frightening statistic that since the Employment Agencies Act 2003 became law, that so many agencies, clients, candidates and recruiters are either blissfully unaware of its existence or simply claim ignorance of it. The same applies to diversity and age discrimination legislation and even associated laws such as the Composite Companies Act, Agency Workers Directive (AWD) and IR35. Further the laws surrounding immigration are continually ignored, often causing major heartache for clients who engage illegal immigrants or simply legal immigrants that only have a limited entitlement to work.

BizTek not only has worked at the forefront of all legislation, but sat on regulatory bodies and also employs a former OISC regulated immigration advisor.

BizTek is therefore not only, at the forefront of GLC within its own business, but offers consultancy services to its clients in relation to all of the above.

Just recently BizTek has consulted with some of the biggest organisations in the world, whose PSL agencies claimed never to have even heard of the EAA nor were implementing any of its mandatory processes. In a recent Immigration audit conducted for one of our largest UK employers we discovered many illegal migrant workers all employed by agencies or payroll providers under Tier 2 general visas and working via agencies under individual contractor agreements. Such illegal working then causes a major problem to our client's projects, as well as inordinate cost of replacing staff.

A simple search of Job-boards will see countless adverts for senior or junior positions, or roles requiring a stated number of years of experience. All of this being in breach of age discrimination legislation.

Finally, candidates reading this article should note not to let their CV's get punted around without prior written consent and without knowledge of the specific client and role. It is law that a recruiter must gain written consent prior to submission. Clients must also note that a 1st past the post representation rule is in breach of the EAA. The recruiter with the correct EAA representation is valid.

BizTek is proud to work as a professional recruitment consultancy and is a champion of all legislation and best practises. BizTek offers its GLC consultancy services to its own clients as well as offering charged advisory services to clients for initiation of PSLs, management and/or consultancy of adopted processes.

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