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Our Scope

With a historical presence in both the UK and the Netherlands, BizTek's core market focus is the financial capitals of London and Amsterdam. However, with clients operating globally and with offices in other capitals such as Chicago, we service those clients on an ad hoc role per role request basis.

With many UK clients either relocating due to Brexit or simply opening offices in Amsterdam, BizTek's abilities to source from both markets has obvious advantages to clients and candidates alike.

Our delivery scope is primarily technology led trading, but we additionally supply candidates who are experts in the development and support of the technical infrastructure on which the trader systems operate. Both of these categories are detailed below.

Note also that our overall scope covers proprietary, as well as non-proprietary trading clients.


Technology Led Trading

This involves individuals experienced at technical analysis and includes the development of sophisticated trade algorithms and mathematical models. Hence our candidates will carry industry experience of building and implementing models in such languages as C++, Java and Python.

Algorithmic trading analysts, quantitative analysts and developers with or without experience of HFT, are examples of roles of interest from most clients. Generally engineers are typically C++ , with the more user driven trading applications being developed in Java. But other roles requested include trading market analysts and not forgetting pure Python, BI, AI or data science professionals.

Although most client demand centres around trading of ETPs, we have some clients specific to just options, futures or equity trading. BUT it is important to emphasize that our people are hybrid technical experts providing the statistical analysis, reporting, applications, algorithms, mathematical modelling and number crunching to assist trading decisions OR as in the case with HFT/quantitative trading to automatically process the trades.

We can provide candidates that originate from an IT background, with working experience in the trading client sector or qualified traders who have themselves been taught the necessary IT skills to create their own applications.

Here at BizTek we try to provide technical candidates to cover all types of traders whether scalpers, momentum, fundamental, swing etc., as well as those who have technically supported the different algorithmic strategies in play such as arbitrage, trend, mathematical models or index fund rebalancing.

Technical Infrastructure and Support

Of course, it goes without saying that such technology driven traders will require implementation, maintenance, enhancement and support of the technological platform. Personnel proving this support of course would require trading sector, or very equivalent, working experience.

For example, trader systems, particularly within HFT or quantitative clients, require data and network engineers familiar with real-time, high transaction and ultra-low latency networks.

Support personnel are generally required to carry a complex mix of technical skills. Trade support personnel are however expected to interrogate complex engineering level network applications such as algorithms, as well as interrogating more traditional trading applications with large amounts of UI.

Larger clients with more mature IT departments, may also be looking to introduce continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), especially within HFT environments. DevOps specialists and build engineers are examples of the roles used to support this technology within the real time high frequency world of trading.


BizTek is aligned as a specialist supplier within the technology led trading client sector providing expert personnel for contract and permanent hire.



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