Consultancy Associate Program

BizTek's owners have some 20 years' experience in designing resourcing consultancy solutions to specific client need.

The programme involves building a pipeline of independent contractors with existing estate / enterprise working experience of the client within specific technical silos.

In support of our infrastructure specialisation, BizTek has built a programme of infrastructure project and programme managers within the South East for one well known government software house client.

The programme provides the client with an alternative to the break-fix nature of the standard IT agencies where a candidate will generally have been pulled off a job-board a few hours before submission and has no known client experience. The risk and cost to the client of non-delivery is high.

The BizTek 'Associate' programme allows the hiring manager an alternative channel to market for resource, generally via a consultancy supply framework. The programme is a managed service, where resource is being pipelined constantly hence only appropriate to commonly requested skills. The client benefit is known consultants within previous estate or project experience, who are easily referenced, of guaranteed service levels, offering low risk, low cost of recruitment and high ROI due to consultants being fully experienced in client methodologies, processes and politics. Consultants hit the ground running.

Why not call today to enquire how a BizTek managed 'Associate' programme can benefit your sourcing requirements.


Examples of existing 'Associate' programmes (but not limited to):

-          functional and automation web testers - Shropshire based

-          infrastructure PMs - South East and East London

-          SDLC PMO PMs and PMAs - London

-          RAD tool trainers - West London



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