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Recruitment is often called "search and selection". The agency charges a fee for this service. But actually the cost to the client is far greater and the agency fee is tiny in comparison to the additional cost of client management time to read CVs and select candidates to interview. Then on top of this, the time taken to interview poor candidates who have written good CVs.

It's a fact that all recruiters have the same search abilities, tools and candidate pools.  It is the ‘selection' element of the process that is vital. Unless a recruiter has experience of say IT, then how can they correctly select a CV and then correctly interview and qualify if the candidate matches his/her own CV and the IT requirement? It is this 1st round of selection, if not performed by the recruiter that is handed onto the client. The real cost of recruitment is the time and money of hiring managers reading tens, if not hundreds, of CVs and conducting countless unnecessary interviews, to end up at a 2nd round that in fact should have been the 1st.

We know all clients reading this are empathising and hence obvious why BizTek delivers real client benefit.  We are qualified and experienced to perform a true search and selection round and the client gets just a shortlist of candidates that go straight to interview. BizTek stats are 4 cvs submitted to 1 hire. These are unparalleled in the industry.

The benefit is a substantially reduced cost of hire - time and hence money, with improved effectiveness of the hiring manager having more time to perform his/her other duties.

Clients should also read our value add services and benefits. Many clients benefit from our legislative input and have saved thousands with properly managed and compliant processes including properly policed immigration recruitment policy.


Information regarding BizTek client services, USPs, benefits, skills sectors and general client related information. 



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CANDIDATES Information relating to our candidate services, including our areas of specialisation and value add information e.g. immigration advice.  
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BizTek operates a market leading model for recruiters. This page is dedicated to providing information for recruiters interested in joining our team.

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