Information Technology

As IT people, IT recruitment is our baby. We supply across the breadth of IT. Our ability to qualify & select candidates at levels unachievable by standard recruiters provides exceptional levels of delivery & ROI, at lowest possible cost.


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IT Publishing

BizTek has a growing portfolio of digital data clients combining e-commerce integrated platforms, big data publishing content systems, big data dbs, as well as links into digital marketing, new product channel sales etc.

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Cyber and Information Security

The security of people's data on the internet is of major concern to the public as well as the companies themselves. Security breaches wipes millions of company's revenue and share price.


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Legal IT

Both software vendors within the corporate and law firm sectors form a growing portfolio of client requirements at BizTek. We require a global portfolio of candidates to meet demand.

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Skills based Consultancy 'Associate' Programme

Innovative client focused consultancy solutions - talent pools of candidates with previous client experience to provide guaranteed delivery, immediate ROI, reduced risk and guarantee a service level.

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Infrastructure and Architecture

Within our overall IT delivery capabilities, infrastructure and architecture roles are a significant area of demand within our clients, given they often underpins all roles we support.



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Construction - Building on Success

Building on our success, we provide technical and senior business recruitment to a selected portfolio of major construction clients.  We are not a generalist - read more under our construction specialisation page.


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BizTek USP

Staff are a company's biggest and most expensive asset. So why do companies engage ex-estate agents, telesales people etc with no working expertise in the skills they recruit into, to deliver their technical staff?



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BizTek Recruitment – leaders in recruitment

Welcome to BizTek Recruitment.

BizTek is an international recruitment consultancy and agency, with offices in the UK providing permanent and contract recruitment services covering the spectrum of business and technology.

An IT, technology and business agency created and managed by IT, technology and business people.

More than an agency, BizTek is a recruitment consultancy offering bespoke resourcing solutions and recruitment services including advisory consultancy on governance, legal and compliance within our industry. BizTek directors are industry leaders and speakers at UK recruitment events.  


Information regarding BizTek client services, USPs, benefits, skills sectors and general client related information. 



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CANDIDATES Information relating to our candidate services, including our areas of specialisation and value add information e.g. immigration advice.  
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BizTek operates a market leading model for recruiters. This page is dedicated to providing information for recruiters interested in joining our team.

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